As Beryl barrels through, travelers’ insurance could make the difference on your next trip

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — In an era where travel is increasingly accessible yet unpredictable, the benefit of travel insurance has become more crucial than ever.

Essentially, this coverage serves as a safety net, offering financial coverage for a range of unforeseen travel situations.

The arrival of Hurricane Beryl highlights the importance of travelers' insurance, both as coverage in case of evacuation or in case of a trip getting canceled due to a natural disaster.

Travelers' insurance covers a variety of things, from cancellation of a trip due to an illness or even insurance for luggage if it gets stolen or damaged during travel, according to the owner of Tip Top Travel Services, Chelsea Hadden.

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"For instance, it will cover your medical if you're over in a foreign country and you get sick or injured and you need medical attention. Your American insurance will not work in a foreign country, but your travelers' insurance will," Hadden said. "The same thing with the storm that's happening right now. I've had so many travelers end up having their travel plans completely canceled because of this hurricane."

If you're a frequent flyer, you can purchase an annual plan.

"What's great about the annual policy is it's $400 for the entire year, but it covers up to $4,000. So, if I need to use that for any of my trips, it'll cover up to that amount. After that amount, then you're going to need to cover the rest," Hadden explained. "The other option is [to] do it per trip, and that's going to give you your most coverage. That's what I like to suggest to people who are going on a big vacation or something that they've saved for and planned for."

As far as the price of coverage per trip, it depends on the extent of the trip and age, Hadden said.

While travel opens doors to new experiences, insurance protects travelers against the unexpected.

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