Cat adopts two orphaned puppies at Wilbarger Humane Society in unusually ‘lucky’ pairing

WILBARGER COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Meet Yin and Yang, two puppies who lost their mother two days after their birth at the Wilbarger Humane Society.

"Started feeding the babies with the bottle and trying to keep them going as long as possible," office manager Suize Streit said.

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Then, 8-month-old Julie came along with her kitten, giving Streit and the shelter manager an idea.

"Cats are really good about when you can put somebody else's babies on them and they'll take other cat babies all the time. But we thought we'd try with the dogs," Streit said.

And sure enough, Julie accepted Yin and Yang as her own.

"It's never been in our shelter that way. She's a really, really good mommy," Streit said. "And, she has done a really excellent job of adapting to what she needed to adapt to keep them going."

While it's an unusual pairing, Streit said Julie is writing her own story as she raises the puppies.

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"[They] still have the rest of their lives ahead of them. As long as they stay happy and healthy, which so far they [have], then they've got the rest of their lives to have excellent stories themselves," Streit said.

With a new mom and another sibling, Yin and Yang are set for a healthy life.

"A lot of success to put in kitten babies on other kitten mothers. But we just never tried it with dogs before. And she just was a lucky, lucky little girl," Streit said.

The Wilbarger Humane Society wants to remind people to spay and neuter as they see a big population of stray cats.

As always, the shelter seeks donations and volunteers. For more information, visit the shelter's website.

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