Clouds and rain expected in Texas during the total solar eclipse

HOUSTON (KIAH) – With the total solar eclipse just one week away, we're getting a better idea of what the sky conditions will be in Texas, and the forecast is less than ideal.

A broad area of low pressure is expected to move eastward out of the West U.S. at the beginning of next week. Ahead of it, widespread cloud cover, with scattered rain, is likely in Texas. However, a week out, it's difficult to be more specific than that. I'd say partly cloudy, mostly cloudy and overcast are all on the table for much of the Lone Star State.


The image below shows a comparison between two of the primary weather models (European ECMWF on the left, American GFS on the right). For a few days, these models have consistently been hinting at the same weather scenario: plenty of clouds with some rain on Monday.

Don't write off the eclipse just yet. Naturally, the forecast can change a bit between now and then. Also, just because it's partly or mostly cloudy doesn't mean the eclipse is a bust. You could still potentially view it between clouds, or it could potentially be visible through the clouds if they are high-level thin clouds. We'll be watching the forecast closely through the week. Keep checking back for updates.

Clouds and rain expected in Texas during the total solar eclipse Las Vegas-area doctor accused of using own semen in artificial insemination: lawsuit Greene goes after Johnson on border, says he ‘completely surrendered’ A warning sign for our EV future? UPS to become US Postal Service's primary air cargo provider

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