DJs must soon share Twitch stream earnings with labels, CEO confirms

DJs who stream on Twitch may become required to disclose their earnings with their record labels, says Twitch CEO Dan Clancy.

The CEO made the comments in a new interview with TweakMusicTips, where he revealed the streaming platform was soon to make an agreement where both DJs and Twitch would “have to share money with the labels”.

“It doesn’t come for free,” he continued, and went on to stipulate that Twitch would pay a sum of money for what labels were owed: “We’re going to split whatever the cost is.”

The news comes amidst Twitch’s ongoing debates with the use of copyrighted music on its platform. According to Endgadget, Clancy hopes this new deal with labels will prevent DJ streamers from being hit with DCMA takedown requests.

Credit: Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

He also claimed that currently, Twitch has a “pretty good thing” with labels where Twitch pays them money to use copyrighted music on the platform. However, Endgadget alleges it’s not a sustainable solution, hence the need for the deal: “Twitch is working on another solution that will make them (more) money.”

Clancy suggested that Twitch would track the music played by DJ streams, detecting any copyrighted music and thus asking streamers to disclose their earnings to the appropriate labels. He has also suggested that DJs mute videos that are pre-recorded if they don’t want to pay out.

In other news, Twitch has recently banned the use of certain “intimate” body parts as viewing screens.

It followed a viral clip of streamer Morgpie streaming popular game Fortnite via her greenscreened bum.

Days after the clip, Twitch put out a statement saying: “Starting on Friday March 29th, content that focuses on intimate body parts for a prolonged period of time will not be allowed.”

“You may not show, offer, or promote[…] content that focuses on clothed intimate body parts such as the buttocks, groin, or breasts for extended periods of time.”

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