‘Don’t bury toilet paper,’ say rangers at Yosemite National Park

YOSEMITE, Calif. (KSEE) - Rangers at Yosemite National Park are asking the public not to bury toilet paper, especially if it is used, after making a displeasing discovery near Rancheria Falls.

In a post on social media Monday, rangers said they found pieces of used toilet paper near the falls, describing it as a sight that has become all too familiar in the park -- even in wilderness areas.

Push these over, say rangers at Yosemite National Park

The unpleasant uncovering prompted a reminder to visitors to pack their toilet paper if they bring it out on trips. They recommend bringing a sealable plastic bag to stash it in -- and even covering the bag in tape so "you don't have to look at it."

(Yosemite National Park) (Yosemite National Park)

According to Yosemite National Park officials, buried toilet paper can be easily uncovered again by weather and erosion. Animals can also dig it up and disperse it long before it decomposes. Some animals have even been known to use it for nesting material.

"Nobody wants to stumble upon a surprise package left behind by an anonymous outdoor enthusiast," park rangers wrote in the social media post. "Please don't bury toilet paper."

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