Dozens of trees hit homes, powerlines in Texarkana Neighborhood

TEXARKANA, Texas (KTAL/KMSS) – In the aftermath of Monday's storm, dozens of trees have fallen down across Texarkana's Beverly neighborhood. Luckily, no serious injuries were reported in Texarkana.

Still, the fallen trees lay across roads and hit power lines and homes.

City crews are working to clear the streets, SWEPCO is working on powerlines, and many homeowners are starting on the path to rebuilding.

"We're trying to get some people come over here and get estimates how much it cost to get off the roof and try to see how can we salvage anything over here." says Damian Finley, a Beverly resident who had a tree crash into his home.

He is one of many residents who say the intensity of the storm took them by surprise.

"When it happened, I was coming through the dining room and looking out the window, you can see the trees just got real bad. The wind got real bad, picking up." says Finley, "So I rushed everybody to the hallway and by the time we got in the hallway we heard this crackling sound and the tree came down on top of us."

Farrell Green owns a rental house in the neighborhood. He says he came to help his tenant and their neighbor after trees hit both of their homes.

"I just got the phone call, and she's very fearful, and the lady next door, of course, you know, she was trapped. I had to cut the screen open to help her get out," says Green.

Meanwhile, the Beverly Community Center is working to provide relief by distributing food boxes.

Kristi Kendrick is the President of Amachi Vision Corps and is working to facilitate the aid at the community center.

She says "We know a lot of people are without electricity, which means that they're probably out of food and things of that nature. So we're here to serve and we're being sponsored by the Harvest Regional Food Bank."

This is another example of how the community is pulling together in the face of tragedy.

"Oh my God, this is what I live for. My purpose is to serve, and so any time the community is in need, and I can help, I'm here," says Kendrick.

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