Driver in DWI injury accident pleads guilty

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A woman who tested almost 3 times the legal alcohol limit after a serious crash and then tested 4 times the limit while out on bond has pleaded guilty after prosecutors filed for a higher bond.

Catherine Caldwell pleaded to her charge of intoxication assault for a 10-year suspended sentence with 240 hours of community service and a $2,600 fine.

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The wreck happened on Sheppard Access Road on November 10, 2022, when Caldwell was in the wrong lane. Her passenger was injured so badly she was placed in long-term rehab to learn how to walk again. Caldwell was also charged with resisting arrest after the crash.

Caldwell was out of jail on a $25,000 bond when prosecutors said a 0.32 percent blood-alcohol level showed on the car ignition breathalyzer device on February 23, 2024. The terms of her bond prohibited alcohol consumption and required the lock device on her vehicle.

After that result, the prosecutor's motion stated the "defendant's alleged continued criminal activity suggests the defendant's bond is insufficient" and also that "for the sake of the community and the victim and to ensure the defendant's appearance at trial," the current bond should be ruled insufficient.

Caldwell was charged with intoxication assault when she tested just under 3 times the limit in the 2022 crash. Officers said Caldwell left a bar on Sheppard Access just after 2 a.m. on November 10 and was driving north in the southbound lane and collided head-on with a parked box truck.

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While Caldwell apparently suffered no serious injuries, officers said her front seat passenger in the Nissan was knocked unconscious, both legs were broken with a compound fracture of the right leg, her left knee was shattered, and her right hip fractured.

Caldwell also suffered an injury to her left eye socket and still can not see clearly from that eye.
Officers on the scene said Caldwell had slurred speech, alcohol on her breath, glassy eyes, and was unsteady.

Witnesses at the bar told officers they had tried to convince Caldwell to get a ride from the bar, but she became upset and was able to get her car keys and drive off.

Police said when they attempted to put Caldwell into custody, she told them no, broke free, and tried to get back into her car. They said she continued to struggle, and they pushed her up against a fence.

Officers said Caldwell refused a blood draw, so a warrant was obtained. The toxicology report later showed her blood-alcohol level to be at 0.22 percent.

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