Gene Simmons claims KISS’ catalogue sale was ‘not about money’

Gene Simmons has claimed that the sale of KISS‘s catalogue was not about the money, saying that it felt like the “natural thing to do.”

Yesterday (April 4), the global entertainment and music investment firm Pophouse announced that it had concluded an agreement with the rock veterans – acquiring their music catalogue, brand name, trademarks and likeness, which includes their signature face paint designs.

In an interview with PEOPLE, the bassist and co-founder of KISS explained that the sale of the band’s catalogue was the “natural thing” to do, insisting that they “weren’t looking for it” initially.

He continued: “Life happens while you’re busy making important plans. We were planning our respectful, proud walking off into the sunset, because we’ve been touring, we had been touring for half a century.” Simmons added that he didn’t want to continue touring until they couldn’t anymore, joking “I don’t want to go out there with my walker.”

CIRCA 1977: Members of the rock and roll band Kiss perform onstage in circa 1977. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

The deal and partnership agreement have been done to help further develop and expand KISS’ legacy globally, as well as preserve their image and music for generations to come.

Pophouse is an investment firm known for its development of brand-building activities across the music and entertainment sphere, including the groundbreaking ABBA Voyage show in London.

Reflecting on the end of the legendary band with the outlet, Simmons called it a proud moment and added that now under Pophouse, “the beginning of KISS is going to be something that will blow your socks off, like nothing you’ve ever not seen.”

He added that the  financial gain is “not what [the sale is] about. It’s about enjoying life. I’m certainly blessed.”

In other news, Simmons has recently retold the story of the one and only time in his life that he got high.

The musician reflected on the eventful experience during the latest episode of Your Mom’s House with Christina P. and Tom Segura along with his son Nick Simmons.

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