Ghost announce ‘RITE HERE RITE NOW’ global online premiere and Q&A

Ghost’s film, RITE HERE RITE NOW, is set for a global online premiere later this month.

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The film was given an initial cinema run worldwide on June 20, and managed to rake in $5million plus across its four-day release.

It included concert footage of Ghost performing at The Forum in Inglewood, California last year, as well as premiering the new track ‘The Future Is a Foreign Land’. Fans who were unable to watch it in June can will be able to buy it on the Veeps streaming platform on July 20.

“Join The Congregation for the global broadcast premiere of RITE HERE RITE NOW,” read a statement on the Veeps website.


We wish to inform you that global access to RITE HERE RITE NOW will be available starting on July 20th streaming exclusively on Veeps.

Visit for full information and to purchase your tickets.

And be sure to join The…

— Papa Emeritus IV (@thebandGHOST) July 10, 2024

“Shot during GHOST’s sold-out two-night finale of their RE-IMPERATOUR tour at Los Angeles’ Kia Forum, RITE HERE RITE NOW immerses viewers in the GRAMMY-winning theatrical rock band’s debut film, blending live performance with a narrative story that will leave audiences completely spellbound in the thrall of this bombastic yet intimate cinematic portrait of GHOST.

“Included in your ticket, is access to an exclusive Q&A with Ghost Mastermind Tobias Forge, Co-Director Alex Ross Perry, and live director Jim Parsons, captured at the film’s London Premiere.”

Last month, Perry and frontman Forge spoke to NME about the band’s debut feature film, and how they combined Ghost’s extensive lore with a more typical concert film.

Touching on the fictional story that the band have been crafting around themselves since 2018, Perry said: “This is something I’ve realised about this film in its finished form. Ghost as a band is like a planet and the story is like the moon. The moon is not part of the planet, but it orbits the planet.

“The songs and the meanings are thematically connected to what Ghost are pursuing, but they’re not creating a rock opera about these family dynamics of mothers, sons and fathers. I think for fans, it’s like getting two meals instead of one.”

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