(G)I-DLE go on a summer getaway in new ‘Klaxon’ music video

K-pop girl group (G)I-DLE have released a music video for their new single ‘Klaxon’.

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Released on July 8 at 6pm KST, the new music video for ‘Klaxon’ begins as the group are stuck in traffic. Making the best of their situation, they hit the streets and begin dancing to the playful new track. Later, they drive off to the beach and desert to enjoy a summer getaway.

“I love you baby / Hey, look at me lady / More, hit the klaxon / Hon hon hon hon hon honk / Again, hit the klaxon / Hon hon hon hon hon honk / Hey hop in sweetie boy,” they sing on the chorus.

‘Klaxon’ is the lead single of (G)I-DLE’s new mini-album ‘I Sway’ which was released at the same time. The song was written and co-composed by the group’s leader and rapper Jeon Soyeon.

‘I Sway’ also includes the songs ‘Last Forever’ and ‘Neverland’ which are co-composed and written by member Yuqi, while ‘Bloom’ is co-composed and penned by Minnie. The mini-album is the follow-up to their January full-length record ‘[2]’.

(G)I-DLE’s previous release, ‘[2]’, featured the singles ‘Wife’ and ‘Super Lady’. The group also released a music video for album cut ‘Revenge’, while another song from the record called ‘Fate’ has emerged as a sleeper hit in South Korea.

In April, (G)I-DLE singer Yuqi released her new solo mini-album ‘YUQ1’. The record notably features several collaborations, including rapper pH-1 on ‘Drink It Up’, (G)I-DLE bandmate Minnie on ‘Everytime’ and Chinese musician Lexie Liu on ‘On Clap’.

Prior to that, (G)I-DLE collaborated with Jennifer Lopez on a remix of the latter’s single, ‘This Time Around’. The original version of the song appeared on Lopez’s latest studio album ‘This Is Me… Now’, which was released in February alongside its accompanying film This Is Me… Now: A Love Story.

Earlier this year, Soyeon and Choi Yena made special appearances in BIBI’s music video for ‘Sugar Rush’. The track was released in February alongside her hit single ‘Bam Yang Gang’.

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