Group of Floral Heights members hoping to continue Sunday morning breakfast

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — After voting to close the doors to the historic Floral Heights church, members aim to continue its Sunday morning breakfasts and continue serving the community.

"I love the church," Denise Lucas said. "I love the outreach that they did and the people that were there."

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It's the reason Lucas became a member of Floral Heights Methodist Church.

Lucas quickly became involved within the church for seven years, serving breakfast on Sunday mornings for the past six years.

"We have people that come every week or almost every week, and we know them. They know us. We have one that comes in and will help us clean up at the end," Lucas said.

But with doors closing on April 28, 2024, the breakfast and lunch feeds for the neighborhood will stop.

It's why Lucas and the rest of the crew hope to continue the service.

"There's about seven or eight of us. We've applied for a 501c3 already, we're looking for locations," Lucas said. "We don't want to abandon that community. It's heartbreaking that the church is closing, but we want to continue that service."

Lucas said they hope to have a plan in place by April 28. The focus is keeping the Sunday breakfast available and eventually starting the bi-weekly lunch meal, which has distributed about 200,000 meals in a span of about four years, according to Pastor Brian Bosworth.

"We see a lot of our neighbors that have food insecurities, mental health issues, homelessness. We have made that our kind of effort, our main mission effort," Pastor Brian Bosworth said.

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"There's one lady who takes as many to-go meals as we can give her—usually four, five, six—because she has people in the community who don't come to the breakfast, but she goes and gives them those meals," Lucas said. "So it reaches far beyond what we're directly feeding."

While Floral Heights is closing, its members hope to continue providing services for the neighborhood beyond the church's 100-year history.

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