Jason Kelce loses his Super Bowl ring after stunt involving a pool of chili

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (WHTM) - In Wednesday's episode of the New Heights podcast, former Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce revealed that his Super Bowl ring is officially gone.

The podcast held an event at the University of Cincinnati last Thursday called "Jason Lost His Ring," created to poke fun at the retired NFL player's tendency to lose his 2018 Super Bowl ring.

"I don’t even know if Travis knows this, but I legitimately lost my Super Bowl ring in this event," said Kelce. "They could not find it."

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At the event, two inflatable pools were filled with chili and the teams had to search through them to try and find the ring. There were also decoy rings placed within the chili.

The real ring, however, was never found even after a metal detector was used to try and locate it.

"We have still yet to find it," Kelce said. "All of this stuff has been thrown away. So I think we can safely assume that my Super Bowl ring is now in a landfill someplace in the Cincinnati tri-state area."

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce leaves the field after an NFL football game against the Arizona Cardinals, Sunday, Dec. 31, 2023, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Kelce noted that he didn't actually think he would lose the ring at the event. He has since submitted an insurance claim for it.

"The Super Bowl ring is officially gone," Kelce said.

The Super Bowl LII ring was designed by Jostens and is made of pure 10-karat white gold with 219 diamonds and 17 rare green sapphires.

The Eagles logo in the middle has 52 diamonds to signify the Super Bowl 52 victory. The Lombardi Trophy behind it has 16 diamonds to represent the Eagles' 16 victories in the 2017 season on the road to Super Bowl LII. The ring also has a silhouette of Lincoln Financial Field and "Fly, Eagles Fly" on the outer band of the ring.

The bottom of the inside arbor features the inscription of each player's signature. It was the first time a Super Bowl ring ever featured engraved signatures.

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