Joe Keery says Taylor Swift is a fan of his music

Joe Keery has revealed that Taylor Swift is a fan of his music, and “loves” one of his tracks in particular.

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The discussion arose as the Stranger Things star took part in a new podcast interview, and spoke about how he was spotted leaving New York’s Electric Lady recording studio at the same time as the pop icon last summer.

Both Keery – who releases his music under the name Djo – and Swift were seen at the studio on the same day back in June 2023, leading to some fans speculating that a collaboration between the two may be in the works.

Now, the musician and actor has ruled out any hopes of them joining forces for a new track, but revealed that the ‘Midnights’ singer is a fan of his music.

“I just happened to be there the day that she was there. And she’s really nice. I mean, I’ve met her a couple of times,” he said while appearing on The Spout Podcast. “Before anything happened with this track, she said, ‘Hey, I really love that track of yours, ‘End Of Beginning.’

“She just said she had heard the song and, you know, obviously I’m like, ‘What? You heard that song? How the hell did you hear that song?’”

He continued: “She’s like a music lover, really. She’s also so hip to new music and things that are coming out. So, I guess it’s not shocking to me because she’s like a big fan of music and just digs around and finds stuff.

“Somehow it came across her desk, and she listened to it and then said that she liked it. Really, really nice of her.”

Keery has spoken about the rumours about a collaboration before, and previously said that he found the whole situation around being in the studio at the same time as Swift “very confusing”.

“Well, that was a very confusing day because I was just in there with John, minding my own business, not doing anything, and then I walked out the door, and it was like 1,000 people were standing out there,” he said on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (via The Independent). “People looked at me expecting Taylor, and were like, ‘Who’s this guy?’”

As for the track that he says Swift “loves”, Keery recently told NME about how ‘End Of The Beginning’ was made, and the inspiration for the song.

“Basically it’s a reflection on my time in my early twenties living in Chicago, where I went to college and graduated and played in a few bands. I was kind of in the music scene [but also] waiting tables and auditioning for commercials and stuff,” he said.

“And I guess it’s about how I was on the precipice of a big change in my life, but I was so anxious to live out my future that maybe I didn’t realise what a special time I was in. So in a lot of ways, it’s a song about a kind of nostalgia – you know [for] another version of me. But it’s also kind of a self-declaration to try to appreciate your present [and be aware that] your past will always stay with you and inform who you are.”

Elsewhere in the interview with The Sprout Podcast, the actor and musician shed light on what fans can expect from the fifth and final season of Stranger Things – which is expected to be released next year.

“It does not necessarily feel like the impending end every day or anything like that. I’m sure once we get a little further along, the reality will sink in, but for right now, business as usual,” he said, also saying that the things lined up are set to “scratch the itch” for fans.

“We are just plunking away and trying to serve these scripts that these guys have written and do our best job because once again they’ve like come through in a cool way and written some unbelievable stuff, so just trying to do the material justice.”

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