Liam Gallagher says it would “be rude not to do another album” with John Squire

Liam Gallagher has expressed his desire to make a second album with John Squire.

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Gallagher opened up about touring with the former Stone Roses guitarist in a new Instagram reel of their recent show in London. The duo have just wrapped up their UK/Ireland leg and are soon to embark on their international leg this April.

In the reel, the former Oasis frontman called touring with Squire “mega”, adding: “Being on stage with John Squire, the band is top so I’ve got to be right on my fucking game. Hence why I’m having face packs and early nights.”

The pair also shared their thoughts on the longevity of the album, with Squire saying: “Hopefully it’s one of those records that’s got legs and stays around for a while.”

Gallagher went on to add separately: “I think it’s got legs, man. It could be a good thing, and it’d be rude not to do another album.”

Gallagher and Squire recently released their joint self-titled album, which NME gave four stars: “It’s hard to imagine anyone feeling short-changed by the album itself. Obviously this isn’t a ‘Definitely Maybe’ or ‘The Stone Roses’ – no-one could touch those hook-laden masterpieces.

“As a triumph of style and mood, though, ‘Liam Gallagher John Squire’ is well worthy of their enduring legacies.”

Since then, the pair have been on tour throughout the UK and Ireland, which sold out in 30 secondsNME visited Gallagher and Squire in Glasgow, dubbing their performance worthy of four stars: “The intimate nature of the night may have been enough for some fans; what we received was masterful and refreshing.

“But if this is a partnership to be continued, they best get started on album two.”

Gallagher will shortly be touring the 30th anniversary of Oasis’ ‘Definitely Maybe’. The tour, which kicks off in Sheffield on June 2, will see Gallagher play the entirely of Oasis’ seminal album along with some “naughty” B-sides. Get any remaining tickets here.

In other news, Liam Gallagher has said he needs to “undo” years of partying, adding: “I’m on the downward slide”.

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