Lily Allen on “eye-opening” response to new OnlyFans account: “I had a lot of disparaging, horrible messages”

Lily Allen has opened up about the “eye-opening” response to her OnlyFans account in which he sells photos of her feet.

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The ‘Smile’ singer recently launched an OnlyFans account to sell photos and videos of her feet for a monthly subscription of $10 (£8). Allen’s new business venture arrived a few weeks after she spoke about the idea of selling feet photos online on an episode of her Miss Me? podcast.

“I have a lady that comes and does my nails,” she told co-host Miquita Oliver. “They informed me that I have five stars on WikiFeet, which is quite rare. My feet are rated quite highly on the internet. She said that I could make a lot of money from selling foot content on OnlyFans, and I’m like, ‘Not now.’”

Now, she has taken the time to open up about the response she has gotten after creating her account on the content subscription service site. Speaking to her Oliver, she said: “It is going very well. It’s been a real eye-opener. Obviously after our podcast last week, it had been quite widely reported about me and my foray into content creating feet content. I’ve had a lot of disparaging, you know, horrible messages in my DMs. I’m talking really personal, nasty.”

After being asked about the kind of messaged she has been receiving, the singer said that they were mainly sent by men via DMs and added: “It seems to me what I’m taking from these, mainly men, is that women should only really be selling images of herself or access to her body when it is an absolute last resort.”

“I think its a socio-economic issue in a lot of ways, the fact that I’m making money from this podcast and that I’m in a relationship – which by the way my husband happens to support the choices that I make – and I have kids means that I shouldn’t you know be “stooping so low” as to be profiting from my own body,” she continued.

Oliver offered: “I think also it comes with a sudden wave of autonomy which I think makes people feel uncomfortable because it is all you, you’re doing it and the reward is coming back to you and there is no other person in charge,” to which the ‘LDN’ singer agreed and added: “First of all, I have to state my position of privilege. I feel completely comfortable and uncompromised in taking pictures of my feet and putting them up on this website and charging people for the pleasure of being able to look at them but I am also fully aware that I can walk away from that at any moment, when it becomes not so cute or not so fun. A lot of people are not able to do that. It’s their only source of income and they are marginalised within society because of it.”

She then went on to reveal that upon posing an Instagram Story of her feet resting beside the Trevi Fountain in Rome with the caption  “La dolce feeta” with a link to her OnlyFans page, the social media platform had taken it down which led her to claim that her post was not infringing on any thing Instagram had claimed it did.

“I contested it and it got back up again but I think I am very much in the minority, most of these women are marginalised, they have very little power in the world and their accounts are deleted, like they are not able to advertise anywhere,” Allen shared. “So I think that you are right. It’s an issue of the women profiting from it herself because let’s be honest, there are women on Instagram posing in bikinis, posing in their underwear, pouting for the camera, puppy dog eyes, and as long as their link or whatever they’re selling has a sort of middleman, so if it’s a single they are promoting or a link to a fashion retailer or ‘My Tour has just gone on sale’, that’s fine. As soon as that money is coming directly into that person’s bank account for that content, there’s an issue. We’re not having that, and I think that is wrong.”

Oliver pointed out how she found it interesting how much Allen’s OnlyFans account had riled people up with the singer responding: “Truly, I mean listen, sex is a commodity right? it is a resource men need to have access to women’s bodies, not just for their gratification but because the continuation of our species depends on it and I think that ultimately women could actually be more powerful than men if they were allowed to monetise access to their own bodies without fear or shame and without it being so dangerous.”

In other news, Allen recently revealed how her husband David Harbour reacted to her decision to create an OnlyFans page.

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