Local Bars Busy feel St. Patrick’s Day Rush

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)— A true spring staple, Saint Patrick's Day. It is a fun holiday for anyone willing to take part. But with every group of people that go out to party, there is a bar or restaurant fielding that rush. Wichita Falls Brewing Company is one of those places. Brewtender Sarah Maygreer says that successfully working a holiday like Saint Patrick's Day is all about preparation.

"We just gotta make sure our stock is up," Maygreer said. "Most bars will try to get green beers, some people don't like that. I've been putting glitter in the beer to kind of make it look like a pot of gold so it's a little bit more fun. Outside of that just make sure you have enough bodies behind the bar to keep the line going, keep everybody happy."

Another place in Wichita Falls that deals with a rush on Saint Patrick's Day is Parkway Grill. They deal with the challenges of the holidays just like anyone else, but Server Antia Joiner said they put a little more fun into the process.

"We have our team of bartenders. Usually they design a specific drink for the holidays, so Valentine's Day, we had a specific drink. This month it's going to be our Lucky Clover," Joiner said. "So they get together, they talk, they throw out some ideas. We decide on a drink, we decide on a price. We start pushing that out and let people know and then we start decorating."

Saint Patrick's Day isn't the end all be all of days to party in Wichita Falls either. As the calendar flips over closer to summer, the Cajun Fest will roll around. There's also the Hotter n' Hell Hundred, T.H.O.R, and that's without mentioning national holidays like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.

"People are just really into beer here, like, so we always get a really big crowd on events like that," Maygreer said. "And so we just make sure that we're staffed right, that way there's no waiting times that are excessive."

Looking forward to some fun times in Wichita Falls.

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