Mom going to jail after violations of child endangerment probation

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Wichita Falls mother is sentenced on one charge of child endangerment after authorities said she repeatedly violated her probation by exposing a child to drugs.

Marian Gallivan has been in jail four times on the charges and is now headed to a state jail for one year.

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Gallivan was first arrested in 2020 when her one-year-old daughter tested positive for a high concentration of meth. She admitted using meth but told officers she did not use it around children.

She later pleaded guilty and was placed on four years probation.

The first motion to revoke was filed in June 2022. She was arrested again in 2023 after Child Protective Services reported that her two-year-old child tested positive for meth and marijuana.

A CPS investigator told police the child had been placed into foster care after testing positive for meth.

The child was returned to Gallivan's care after a court hearing, and Gallivan was ordered to have random drug testing.

Over the next several months, authorities say Gallivan was inconsistent with complying with drug testing for her and her child, and on other occasions, she had her nails and hair cut too short to allow testing.

They say the child again tested positive for meth last August, and tests for Gallivan were unknown due to noncompliance with testing requirements. The child was placed into custody of a family member pending test results.

Results returned last October showed Gallivan positive for meth and cocaine, and she was charged with child endangerment again.

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Another motion to revoke probation on the first charge was filed on Jan. 2 because of the second exposure case, her positive tests for meth and failure to complete drug tests.

On Friday, April 12, 2024, Gallivan made a plea deal to serve jail time for her probation sentence and had a second child endangerment charge dismissed.

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