New digital billboard aims to raise awareness on deadly drug, Fentanyl

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — In 2022 alone, there were 2,200 deaths caused by Fentanyl, with half of those deaths here in North Texas.

In order to raise awareness of the deadly drug, friends and families who lost a loved one due to Fentanyl gathered on March 18 for a new digital billboard unveiling.

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Nancy Cortes, along with several other families, remembered those they lost due to Fentanyl as the billboard at the intersection of 10th and Brook Street lit up with the faces of their loved ones.

Cortes said this billboard serves as a reminder that just one pill can kill as it shows the faces of 22 North Texas Fentanyl victims, including her son and his girlfriend, and said she hopes this new billboard will help citizens realize just how urgent of a problem Fentanyl is.

"If somebody hears that 1,100 have died in a Fentanyl poisoning, that doesn't mean anything," Cortes said. "But when you see the face of the person that died, and maybe you know that person – like my son went to Ryan High School in Denton – maybe you see Alex and go, 'I knew him. I was in chemistry with him.' That sticks with you."

This campaign, Bash'en Fentanyl, was created after Sebastian Moreno from Fort Worth lost his life at the age of 24.

For more information on the Bash'en Fentanyl Campaign and how you can help support it, click here.

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