New Iowa Park superintendent prepares to take over school district

IOWA PARK (KFDX/KJTL) — After 11 years, Iowa Park is preparing for its next superintendent.

Kevin McCasland is coming to Iowa Park from Olton, Texas, where he also held the position of superintendent.

McCasland said that he wanted to come to Iowa Park for a multitude of reasons like tradition, facilities and standards, but his first experience with Iowa Park came at a football game.

"My first experience with Iowa Park was watching Iowa Park play in a playoff football game," McCasland said. "I was really impressed with the showing of the crowd, with the support, with the quality of the coaches and athletes and program. It just left an impression on me, and so when I saw this position come open, I was just inclined to look into it."

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McCasland is coming in to replace longtime member of the Iowa Park School District, Steve Moody.

Moody has been a part of the school district for over 40 years and a part of the board since 2007. He took over for Jerry Baird as superintendent in 2013.

Moody is retiring in April, leaving McCasland to fill the proverbial shoes left behind.

"It's incredibly big shoes to fill. Mr. Moody and this school district have been very successful and it's a very successful district," McCasland said. "So, there's a lot of responsibility to come in and keep this school going in a good direction."

So, what will be McCasland's first steps as superintendent come April? Ensuring he's taking everyone's opinion in the district into account.

"So, the first step for me is I'm going to go out and ask everyone a few questions," McCasland said. "What's going great in Iowa Park? What are areas that you see, and where are areas you think Iowa Park can improve? And I like to ask people, 'If you were made my boss for an entire year, what would be your first directive to me?'"

Making sure Iowa Park takes the right next steps.

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