Noel Gallagher shares frustration at having to undergo surgery on his “bad knee”

Noel Gallagher has shared his frustration after revealing he will have to have an operation on his “bad knee”.

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The former Oasis guitarist confirmed the news during an appearance on Matt Morgan’s podcast this week, where he said (via Metro): “I’ve got bad knees actually. I’ve got to have an operation on my fucking knee.”

He did not explain the specifics of what has led to the need for surgery, but a source close to the musician has told The Sun that he “isn’t happy at all about the fact he needs this knee surgery”.

Noel Gallagher performs at South Facing 2023. CREDIT: Gus Stewart/Redferns

It is reported that Noel will complete his current tour with The High Flying Birds, which is due to conclude on August 4 at Y Not Festival, before taking time off for the surgery.

It comes after Noel’s brother Liam recovered from a hip operation in 2023 that stemmed from an arthritis diagnosis. After the procedure went well, Liam tweeted, “Riverdance here I come”.

When one fan joked with Liam about whether or not the operation had affected his trademark swagger, he replied: “I’m getting my physio to study videos of my old walk so we don’t miss a trick. The comeback is real.”

One fan also asked Liam if he was “drugged up for it” to which he replied, “yeah best part.”

Noel’s health challenges did not stop the guitarist from attending Glastonbury last week, where he said the festival is “probably the best fucking thing about Britain apart from the Premier League”, but added that he felt it was getting a bit “woke”.

“It’s getting a bit woke now, that place, and a bit kind of preachy and a bit virtue-signalling,” he explained. “I don’t like it in music, little fucking idiots waving flags around and making political statements and bands taking the stage and saying, ‘Hey guys, isn’t war terrible, yeah? Let’s all boo war. Fuck the Tories man,’ and all that.”

“It’s like, look, play your fucking tunes and get off.”

At the same festival, Gallagher was spotted side of stage watching LCD Soundsystem with Dave Grohl, and also caught Kneecap’s incendiary Woodsies Stage performance.

“We went to see this Northern Irish street kids called Kneecap…they’re kind of pro Republican rappers,” he said.

“We get there and the tent is absolutely fucking smashed packed – you couldn’t get in. These three lads walk out, one of them is in a balaclava and they rap in Gaelic. They’ve got a song called ‘Get Your Brits Out’. There’s a lot of humour to it…I mean I couldn’t believe how enjoyable it was.

“Being of Irish heritage I found that quite funny and they were really, really good.”

In other Noel news, he recently joined forces with his beloved Manchester City to design the new font for their kit, which will be worn by the men’s first team in every Champions League, FA Cup and Carabao Cup match in the 2024-25 campaign.

He came up with the font by writing out every name and number of the squad by hand, with the handwriting then being transferred onto the cup shorts for the coming season.

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