North Texas racecar driver aims for NASCAR series at Texas Motor Speedway

FORT WORTH (KFDX/KJTL) — While some may find a revving car engine annoying, Chris Buescher finds racing and that sound reminding him of playing in his backyard.

"I guess that's been a home track," said Chris Buescher, a NASCAR racer and North Texas native. It's always nice to come back home. I started racing here when little Texas back there was still asphalt—a little fifth-mile asphalt track."

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The familiar left turns led to several top-five finishes all around the US throughout his career.

Coming off a 2023 Daytona International Speedway win, Sports Reporter Ariel Reed thought she would catch a couple of laps around the track with him.

Despite looking calm and collected on the outside, Reed was extremely nervous about what could occur.

"I'm trying to think on how to not pee my pants," Reed joked. "I'm kind of nervous."

Chief Photographer Curtis Jackson asked her, "The nerves kicking in yet?"

"Yeah, they're like really high right now," Reed replied.

Reed clenched her muscles and took some deep breaths to control her nerves. As they approached the final lap, she eased up, relaxed and embraced the NASCAR speeds.

Reed said the cars drive speeds between 150 and 200 miles per hour.

"I was super nervous, probably the first couple of laps, but I calmed down eventually," Reed said after she finished her stint in the fast lane. "I wish I was more relaxed whenever I was doing that."

The G forces, sharp turns and changing speeds all feel normal to Beuscher, as he is honored to be the shining Texas star.

"I am proud to be from here and I know that carries a little extra weight with it," Beuscher said. "That's a great way to hook them in, and then success really helps carry it from there."

Beuscher's eyes and engine are set on the NASCAR series at Texas Motor Speedway on April 12 through 14.

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