Sugary sweet Cinnamon from Wilbarger Humane Society hoping to get taste of adventure in new home

VERNON (KFDX/KJTL) — Sugar, spice and everything nice is what little Cinnamon from the Wilbarger Humane Society is made of.

Cinnamon is a young, predominately orangey tortoiseshell gal who is hoping to get a taste of adventure in a new home.

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The medium-haired cat is social and sweet as can be, and she's interested in new people and places alike. She freely doles out kisses to show her widespread affection.

Cinnamon likes to stick her little pink nose in anything exciting and new, according to Wilbarger Humane Society technicians. She even enjoys the occasional car ride if it means she can sniff out new adventures.

Once she has explored to her heart's content, however, Cinnamon loves to curl up in a cozy lap.

According to technicians, the sweet gal does well around dogs and tolerates other cats. She would do best in a home with kids and lots of excitement.

To learn more about Cinnamon, call the Wilbarger Humane Society at (940) 552-5373 or send them a Facebook message.

To view any of their other adoptable pets, visit the website.

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