Tegan And Sara lead open letter against anti-trans legislation in Canada

More than 400 artists have signed an open letter from the Tegan and Sara Foundation decrying anti-trans legislation in Canada.

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Artists and entertainment industry figures including Carly Rae Jepsen, Elliot Page, Neil Young and Alanis Morissette have signed the letter, titled Artists Against Anti-Trans Legislation In Canada.

Led by indie pop siblings Tegan and Sara, the letter highlighted how “far right groups are tapping into fear and pitting us against each other so they can create a Canada where we’re afraid of difference”, while using trans people as their “punching bag” and “convenient scapegoat”.

The letter, published on Trans Day of Visibility, continued: “For those outside of Canada, the country is often seen as a human rights haven. However, the reality is that Canada is not immune to the global attack on the trans community and their access to inclusive spaces, healthcare and freedoms.”

It went on to outline specific measures that have targeted transgender youth, including premier Danielle Smith’s proposed bans on hormonal treatment, puberty blockers and gender-confirmation surgery.

Additionally, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan previously announced that parental consent will be required before schools will honour the chosen names and pronouns of children under 16.

It continued: “The anti-trans policies taking root in Canada go beyond discrimination – they present a clear risk to the mental and physical well-being of trans individuals throughout the country.

“As artists, we know the danger of a social and political environment that restricts expression, exploration, individuality and self-determination. We want to keep living in a world that celebrates the beauty of difference, because difference and art go hand in hand. We also believe in the power of using our voices for those who aren’t being heard.

The Tegan and Sara Foundation was founded in 2016, and raises funds and fights for LGBTQ+ equality and justice.

Last month the pop duo received a humanitarian award at the Juno Awards for their work with the Tegan and Sara Foundation, during which they referenced the Alberta government’s anti-trans polices.

“We are dedicated to confronting any form of discrimination that threatens the well-being of our community,” said Sara Quin (per Billboard). “Like the Alberta government’s attempt to prevent trans youth from accessing vital care.”

Tegan and Sara’s most recent album, ‘Crybaby‘, came out in 2022, which NME described as “the duo’s most sonically adventurous record yet”.

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