Texas’ controversial immigration law on hold

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — Lawyers for Texas and the Biden administration squared off during a court hearing Wednesday about the state's controversial immigration law.

The lawsuit argues that the Texas law is an overreach, and immigration enforcement belongs to the federal government.

Texas says the federal government isn't doing its job.

"Their version of Texas is one that is cold,” said Texas Civil Rights Project Daniel Hatoum.

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A small group stood outside the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, protesting against Texas' controversial immigration law known as SB-4.

"This would inevitably lead to racial profiling of black and brown folks throughout the state of Texas,” said Hatoum.

Lawyers for Texas argued SB-4 is needed, saying migrants are overrunning the border because immigration laws are not enforced.

"Now, to be fair, maybe Texas went too far…what Texas has done here, they have tried to develop a statute that goes up to the line of the Supreme Court precedent but allows Texas to protect the border,” said Aaron Nielson, Texas Solicitor General.

Both the ACLU and the Biden administration argue the law is unconstitutional because immigration enforcement is the job of the federal government.

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"It's vital for the federal government to be able to control it as one system instead of a patchwork from 50,” said Cody Wofsy of the ACLU.

This case is likely headed to the Supreme Court and Texas officials say they welcome the high court taking up the law.

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