U2 digitally re-release ‘Discothèque’ with b-sides and mixes as part of new reissue series of “deep dives”

U2 have shared a digital re-release of ‘Discothèque’ as part of a new series of “deep dives”, as well as a new selection of b-sides and mixes. Check it out below.

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The re-release of the classic U2 track comes 27 years after it was first released by the iconic Irish rock band, and is the latest of a series of re-releases on the horizon.

Originally, the track was dropped as a hit dancefloor single in January 1997 and, since its release, it hasn’t been shared online… until now.

With its re-release, ‘Discothèque’ kicks off the band’s new series of b-side releases, titled “To Love and Only Love, Deep Dives and B-Sides.” The series will include 12 newly remastered single collections, which are all set to be released across this year.

Discothèque kicks off our new series of b-side releases, “To Love and Only Love, Deep Dives and B-Sides.” Stream now and find the new Discothèque Vintage Tee – Limited Edition 2024 Re-issue on https://t.co/JseHnTMERG. #BOOMCHA https://t.co/ulcLegTFX7 pic.twitter.com/JEpMM8LiPl

— U2 (@U2) April 5, 2024

The first digital collection to be shared contains 10 new mixes of the song, plus a further two of the band’s b-side track ‘Holy Joe’.

For the latter, these include a ‘Garage Mix’ and ‘Guilty Mix’, and for the 1997 single, new versions include a ‘DM Deep Club Mix’, ‘Howie B, Hairy B Mix’, a ‘Hexidecimal Mix’, a ‘DM Deep Instrumental Mix’ and many more.

The new series of re-releases, b-sides and mixes from U2 are set to continue throughout 2024, and you can find out more about the project on the band’s official website.

Check out the full ‘Discothèque’ release below.

For Bono and co., the revisiting of their back catalogue comes shortly after they wrapped up the final date of their residency at the Sphere venue in Las Vegas earlier this year.

The shows kicked off last September and saw them perform their 1991 album ‘Achtung Baby’ in its entirety for the first time. The residency came to an end on March 2, and saw the band share a clip with fans of them singing ‘Beautiful Day’ for the final time at the venue.

The clip from the performance also arrived after footage of Foo Fighters legend Dave Grohl went viral, showing him at the final show and ecstatically singing along to the 2000 hit.

In a five-star review from the opening night of the residency, NME said the show “truly takes your breath away”.

“They pull off a dazzling series of technological tricks right from the outset as whirring drones whizz past the audience while everything from giant helicopters, falling letters, widescreen desert landscapes and even a projection of the Sphere itself come hurtling towards the audience,” it read.

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