US Supreme Court extends delay on Texas immigration law taking effect

AUSTIN (KXAN) -- A controversial Texas immigration law will not take effect today. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito extended an administrative stay that prevents Senate Bill 4 from taking effect, according to NBC News.

The law would allow Texas peace officers to arrest and deport people suspect of crossing the border illegally. The law creates a new state crime for crossing into Texas outside of a port entry, which is punishable as a Class B misdemeanor. Furthermore, repeat offenders could face a state jail felony, and state magistrate judges may order them to return to Mexico.

Supreme Court temporarily stops Texas immigration law from taking effect

Earlier this month, the Biden Administration urged the Supreme Court to block SB4. The high court is temporarily keeping the law from taking effect.

Back in December, Gov. Greg Abbott signed SB 4, touting it as a historic measure to empower Texas state and local law enforcement to control immigration — a power currently only reserved for federal authorities.

A lower court is scheduled to consider the merits of that case next month. The Supreme Court stay blocks the law pending further order from the Court.

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