Watch ex-Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg perform with Infectious Grooves

Former Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg returned to the stage with Infectious Grooves earlier this week – watch the official footage below.

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The musician, who was fired from Slipknot last November, shared a drum-cam video of himself behind the kit for ‘Monster Skank’ from the funk-metal supergroup’s show at Bluesfest in Byron Bay, Australia on Monday (April 1).

Formed more than 30 years ago, Infectious Grooves includes Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo and his Suicidal Tendencies bandmate Mike Muir.

Weinberg made his live debut with the outfit in California on March 23, which marked their first gig since 2019.

During a recent interview with Metal-Roos, Muir explained how Weinberg ended up joining Infectious Grooves in January of this year (via Blabbermouth).

“We wanted to get somebody that you know could carry that torch and was there,” he said. “It’s funny ’cause we were kind of saying… well, I told Robert, ‘You put a list [of drummers] together, I’ll put a list together and then we’ll kind of see who’s touring and who’s available and try to do it’.”

Muir continued: “And my middle son, who’s 14, was asking, he goes, ‘If Brooks [Wackerman] can’t do it, who are you gonna get to play drums?’ And I’m, like, ‘We’re not sure. We’re putting a list together’. He goes, ‘You’re gonna ask Jay?’

“So my son, his two favourite drummers are Lars [Ulrich] and Jay Weinberg and stuff. And I was, like, I hadn’t even thought of Jay. And I knew that he had surgery. And I looked [on his social media] and I go, ‘It’s January 1st’. And he goes [in a social media post], ‘I’m walking for the first time [since surgery], and I’m like, ‘Ooh’.”

He added: “And my son said, ‘You should get Jay. I saw him. He’s playing the drums again. You should get him. Talk to him.’ And I go, ‘I don’t have his number’. He goes, ‘You could get it. Robert’s probably got it’.”

Muir went on to recall the time Suicidal Tendencies opened for Slipknot: “And I was watching [Weinberg] play at soundcheck, going, ‘Oh, dude, this guy’s actually really good. He mixes it up really well. And he’s really versatile’.”

Announcing that he had joined Infectious Grooves earlier this year, Weinberg wrote: “I’m honoured and thrilled to head to Australia with the legendary Infectious Grooves for a special performance at Bluesfest. Stay tuned for more.”

Slipknot explained Weinberg’s firing late last year, saying they were “intent on evolving” and that the line-up change was a “creative decision”. In response, Weinberg said in a statement that he was “heartbroken and blindsided” by the news.

During an interview with NME shortly after the announcement, Shawn “Clown” Crahan stated that the band was attempting to “harness the energy” of late members Paul Gray and Joey Jordison. “They weigh heavy on my heart at the moment and there are so many things happening in my mind about yesteryear,” he stated. “I remember it like it was yesterday.”

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