Watch Garbage and Peaches perform ‘Push It’ and ‘Fuck The Pain Away’ mash-up in Berlin 

Garbage have joined forces with Peaches, and delivered an explosive mash-up of ‘Push It’ and ‘Fuck The Pain Away’ at a recent live show. Check out footage of the collaboration below.

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The moment took place as Garbage took to the stage in Germany last week (July 4), and delivered a huge headline show at the Music Hall in Berlin.

At the very end of the set – which saw them break out renditions of hits including ‘Only Happy When It Rains’, ‘#1 Crush’ and ‘I Think I’m Paranoid’ – frontwoman Shirley Manson teased the audience that a “very special” guest would be joining the band for their final song before the encore.

“We’re going to play you one more song and I just want you to know that you’re going to be in the presence of rock ‘n’ roll royalty,” she began, going on to face the struggles that women in music faced as she started her career.

“This queen is going to shimmy on at some point when it suits her, but I just need to say this because I can’t let tonight go by without mentioning this. When you’re a woman in a band who emerged in the ‘90s, you didn’t get much fucking support from a lot of people.

“There was a lot of misogynistic press, it was very patriarchal, there weren’t that many women writing for music magazines. It was predominately men. I wasn’t very happy with that,” Manson explained.

“This person has been an immense — not just a supporter, but a comfort and a fellow witch, and a fellow lover of life and music. She’s passionate, and she believes in everything that is good and great. I could not be more honoured to have her come and join us tonight.

“She’s somebody very very special. Doing everything on her own terms and ripping up all the rules of the nonsense that preceded her appearance on the music scene.”

From there, Garbage went on to begin a performance of ‘Push It’ – a track from their 1998 sophomore album ‘Version 2.0’. Manson also dedicated the song to “anyone who is willing to push up against the system.”

“This is for anyone whose willing to say ‘You know what, I think the world could be better and I’m going to have the fucking courage to speak out and push against the pricks to make this world better for everybody,’” she added.

The band got a considerable way through the blistering rendition of the song before they introduced Peaches to the stage, and mashed up the remainder of the track with Peaches’ 2000 track ‘Fuck The Pain Away’.

“Dear assembled guests, please put your hands together for the legendary, the incomparable, the brilliant, the sexy motherfucker that is Peaches,” Manson told the audience, welcoming the guest to the stage. Watch the moment in full above.

The shows from Garbage come shortly after the band revealed that they have been in the studio working on a new album this year.

The Shirley Manson-fronted band released their seventh and latest full-length record, ‘No Gods No Masters’, in 2021. During a recent interview with NME, Garbage reflected on the positive reaction to the LP and spoke about what’s to come.

Shirley Manson of Garbage, performs in Berlin in 2024. CREDIT: Pedro Becerra/Redferns/Getty

“I was really delighted that ‘No Gods No Masters’ was received so well because we had no expectations whatsoever,” Manson explained. “Going into this next record, I feel a shift. I’m trying to dampen my outrage. As a society, we’ve become so beaten down and broken-hearted. I’m trying to reach for something that’s a little bigger than me, because if I don’t then I’m going to drown in my own dismay.”

When asked where that feeling of dismay had come from, the NME Icon Award-winner talked about undergoing a hip replacement after falling off stage in 2016, which she said led to “excruciating pain”.

She also went on to describe Garbage’s next album as “a searchlight”, adding: “After scorching the earth, we’re coming out of a filthy cave with a searchlight. We’re looking for shards of life and humanity.”

As for when fans could expect to hear the band’s new record, Manson told NME: “We are in the studio as we speak, actually. It’s supposed to be done by the end of May, and we’re on target.”

Elsewhere in the interview with NME, Manson opened up on the “devastating” time Garbage’s label chose to invest in No Doubt over them. She also spoke about working with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, calling him “the most incredible expanse of joy”.

Garbage released an expanded reissue of their 2005 album ‘Bleed Like Me’ earlier this month. They’ll continue their UK and European headline tour this summer, which concludes with a show at the OVO Arena Wembley in London. Find any remaining tickets for the UK dates here.

Additionally, Manson and co. are scheduled to make appearances at TRNSMT Festival in Glasgow and Mad Cool in Madrid, with the latter taking place later this week.

Their support acts include Savages frontwoman Jehnny Beth and Lucia & The Best Boys.

“Beyond thrilled to have the great icon Jehnny Beth join us for our 20th July show in London at Wembley OVO Arena,” wrote Garbage on Instagram, announcing the news last month. “As you are probably already aware — Jehnny is a god. She will be joining us in addition to Lucia & The Best Boys, one of Scotland’s finest alt-rock bands.”

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