Watch The Smile debut ravey new song ‘Don’t Get Me Started’

The Smile have debuted a new song called ‘Don’t Get Me Started’ at their recent live shows. Check out footage of the track below.

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The band – comprised of Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood alongside Sons Of Kemet drummer Tom Skinner – broke out the unreleased song while on tour across the UK this month.

The dates come in support of their latest album ‘Wall Of Eyes’, and have seen them break out some new tracks for the audience.

It was at their show in Glasgow last week that Yorke and Co. teased the crowd by giving a new track called ‘Don’t Get Me Started’ its first live rendition.

I’m not giving up/Don’t get me started/ I’m not giving up/ Choose someone else,” Yorke sings in the synth-y, hypnotic intro. “You don’t get to/ Nothing is truly good/ I feel it inside me/ Don’t pull me backward/ You don’t get to.”

Check out fan-captured footage of the new track being played live in Glasgow below.

Elsewhere at the gig, The Smile broke out seven of the eight songs that appeared on ‘Wall Of Eyes’ including the opening title track and the closing song ‘You Know Me’. Songs from their 2022 debut album ‘A Light For Attracting Attention’ were also featured in the setlist.

After being aired out for the first time in Glasgow, the trio went on to play ‘Don’t Get Me Started’ again in follow-up shows in Birmingham and London. Watch clips from both of those shows below.

The latter of the two gigs was given a four-star review from NME and described as showing the album reaching new heights.

“The Smile manage a rare feat. As they swap instruments and lose themselves, the show feels like a GarageBand jam but without the wankery (and that’s accounting for the dissonant clarinet solos and Greenwood somehow managing to make shredding on a harp look cool),” it read. “You can’t call this self-indulgent when a capacity crowd are stuck in their quicksand funk.”

The London show also included other unreleased tracks being played live: a post-punk song called ‘Colours Fly’, a mellowed-out ‘Instant Psalm’ and its intense counterpart, ‘Zero Sum’.

Ahead of its official release, ‘Wall Of Eyes’ was described by NME as solidifying the group as “one of the finest and most inventive rock bands on the planet right now”.

“On 2022’s ‘A Light For Attracting Attention’ their sonic identity was consolidated, a skittish marriage between wonky electronics and the occasional rock rager. ‘Wall Of Eyes’ is similarly expansive in its vision, but also restrained, carefully selecting moments where the intensity needs upping,” the four-star review read.

The Smile’s UK tour wrapped up with the London show, and in other news about the members, Thom Yorke has recently written the score for the upcoming film Confidenza, by Italian director Daniele Luchetti.

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